Beautiful, Eco Friendly Building 1

Eco Friendly, Beautiful Buildings
Fascination, curiosity, and a certain allure pulls me towards this building each time I pass through North Greenwich towards Charlton or Woolwich.
I need to know what goes on there. “What is covering on that building”? I ask myself. “Is it a novel type of brick? Is it a form of netting?”
Desperately, I ponder over the materials were used to create the amazing façade.
My interest becomes unbearable. I ask my brother, an ace photographer to get me some photos. He does.
Unable to contain myself, I pore over the shots but it is still a mystery to me until I go googling (excuse my expression, lol).
Hurray! Bless the men who created the search engine. I find the information. It a new building on the campus of Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Greenwich Peninsula, London designed by Foreign Office Architects.
The building has an atrium for the public and another for private use that is suspended over the ground floor lecture hall.
These atriums have eco-friendly functions. Besides providing a reception for all who use the building, they connect the interior structure and aide ventilation.
The building, like many office buildings in London and major cities of the world has been covered with anodized Aluminium tiles and it is more than just a pretty building.
Facades such as this one on the Campus building are used to provide exterior decoration or to protect the building from the elements. In some cases, they provide eco-friendly function such as regulating light; internal and external temperature of the building and reducing energy consumption. It is a case of beauty meets functionality.


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