Beat Winter Wrinkles

Beat Winter Wrinkles
Extreme weather wreaks havoc on human skin. Soft, dewy skin can easily become tight and dry in the face of winter chills or discomfiting heat.
At times such as these, hydration of the skin is priority. Drinking plenty of fluids especially clean, clear water with no additives, except perhaps natural lemon juice makes a difference.
But nothing beats moisturising the skin with products containing organic extracts.
One such extract is Beta Glucan, or B-Glucan found in cereals, yeast and also in oats.
Cosmetic companies have found that Beta-Glucan derived from Oat soothes irritation; rehydrates dry and dehydrated skin and heals minor abrasion that can occur when itchy skin is scratched.
It also arrests the development of fine lines and wrinkles, while firming up the skin.
Products such as Federico Mahora’s B-Glucan Moisturising Body Balm, Anti Cellulite Balm and also its Rich Face Cream, also promotes collagen production, replenishing the fresh, plump look of the skin.
PS: Use a good sugar body scrub once a week to exfoliate your skin to sustain its supple texture.
Use your B-Glucan twice daily.


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