Lacy Inspirations

Lacy Inspirations

Handbag designers certainly have a tough job each season. It seems like every shape, they can create has already been created. Still the market demands more innovation and design n houses know that they must meet up to demand; otherwise they will flop out of business.
Smart designers love throwbacks and so the classic, leather handbag still remains relevant. This spring, boxy, large shapes are all the rage.
But the unique selling points are the little extras that each designer applies to his or her product.
Window shopping is often an interesting pastime. I found this beauty on a recent window shopping expedition.
My eyes caught this lace inspired bag and its siblings sitting pretty on the shelf at Aldos. The simple lines were offset by the intricate embroidered façade. This offering, a two-handled grab bag, also comes in a tote variety with lovely pastel hues or classic black (as pictured here. Love it or hate it, it has a vintage feel that is the perfect foil for trendy colour blocked dresses, classic jeans and jacket casual look or crisp suit for a work day.

Handbag by Smoldt at Aldos


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