Wickedly Trendy?

Wickedly Trendy?
Spiked shoes keep making news on the fashion scene. Even men are getting in on the action.
Denmark based Barbara Gongini, created a line of spiked Oxford shoes for men. The black, shoes are cut along the classic lines with sharp spikes on the toes. Talk about rocking the eyelash trend. Only these are not ‘eyelashes’ but sharp-looking spikes that are made of rubber.
Would you date a man trying to be a rocker (think rock chic mode)? It would be interesting to hear what women think of this trend. Will it last?
More serious studs made of metal or mock metal pieces can be found on Converse high tops, loafers and other types of shoes, are more commonly found in women’s shoe departments. Christian Louboutin revived the rock chic trend on shoes. Like all throw back trends, rock chic glamour began back in the 1950s and began to make a comeback in 2009.
Will men keep up the trend? We will need to wait and see.
Shoes by Barbara Gongini


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