Celebrate Life’s different Seasons

Celebrate Life’s different Seasons
Growing older has many perks. People allow you to go ahead in a queue. They offer you seats on the bus and trains during rush hour. It has its downsides – wrinkled skin; a feeling of missing youth, the aches and pains.
Patti Labelle, pictured here, is the epitome of the joy of successful mid-life. A successful career, family life, and now, even as she struggles with cancer, she can still dress up and beam her trademark smile.
Here are the few things I have learned. They make the journey fun even in the midst of on-going change.
• Learn to laugh at yourself.
• The past is gone. Make peace with your mistakes and move on.
• Celebrate your maturity. Wear classic clothing but add a youthful twist.
• Add colour. Patti Labelle, the songstress, may be in mid life but she is not afraid of bright colours. Tone them down, choosing pastels over vivid brights.
• Nurture your skin by drinking lots of water. Use anti-ageing creams and substitute crème cleansers, and water based make up. Go easy on makeup. Use primers, to reduce the amount of foundation you apply.
• Count blessings more than losses.
• Love people and do something for other people in need.
• Be thankful
• Love yourself.


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