Lupita’s Hollywood Statement

If like me, you get a rush out of seeing actress Lupita Nyong’o on the Red Carpet, then you are in the right place.
The elfin Kenyan actress is still enjoying the success that has come with ‘12 years A Slave’, the award winning film she starred in late last year.
I love her earthy, minimalist look – sparse make up, the simple, elegant lines of her dresses and her feisty hairstyle.
Contrasted against Hollywood contenders such as Sarah Jessica Parker, JLo and others, Lupita may appear a style ingénue, yet that is what makes her charming.
There is freshness to her but I worry about the look she could evolve over the next 12 months. Will Luptia look African in another 12 months? Or would she succumb to Hollywood demands, lightening her skin with toning creams and exchanging her cropped un-texturized hair for long Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian hair?
We all saw Jlo (Jennifer Lopez) transform from a proud Latina into a Caucasian woman. Alicia Keys has dropped her signature cornrows and braids (which earned her a following and got a hairstyle named after her in downtown Lagos, Nigeria), changing into a new woman, more white than black. And who is to say it will not happen to Lupita?
Perhaps Lupita will have the courage to walk in Alec Wek’s shoes and stick to her original look. Perhaps she may allow a few changes to be made to her earthy look? I really hope so, given her a cosmopolitan outlook (born in Mexico, multi lingual – Spanish, Italian, Luo and English. She’s currently enjoying her work with great actors including Liam Neeson, with whom she stars in a new movie to be released on February 28).
Time alone will tell. At the moment, she is setting her own pace experimenting with designers, fabrics, colours and silhouettes, as she makes her red carpet and press appearances.


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