Pep talk for jaded Palates

Plantains: Pep talk for jaded PalatesPlantains are loved by almost everyone who loves tropical food. Loaded with starch and fibre, as well as good lashings of potassium, plantains are great for lunch or dinner. They are easily digested and can be cooked in a variety of ways.
My favourite dish is plantain pottage made from semi ripe plantains, pumpkin leaves (Ugu), and accented with dried fish (the rich, nutritious type found in Akwa Ibom, South Eastern Nigeria), spices and lots of crayfish or dried shrimp.
This dish is great for those who have dietary limitations as it contains little or no sugar, and a minute quantity of cooking oil.
The savoury taste is boosted by the spices and dried shrimp as well as the mellow flavour of the fish. The vegetables provide additional roughage for easy digestion, while the oil binds the ingredients together.
Serve hot, as a hearty Sunday lunch or as a weekday dinner. What drinks accompany this meal? Fresh, frothy palm wine, lemonade, cold beer or a simple glass of water. The choice is yours.

Photo: Helen Essien


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