Wrapped up at Herve Leger

Wrapped up at Herve Leger
Hurray Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday and many will be dancing the night away. What do you plan to wear? The bandage dress, trumped by some designers such as Herve Leger, as the dress for 2014, may be worth considering. It is form fitting, and will do lots for any woman this weekend.
The bandage dress, when worn correctly, throws up femininity at its best. The interlocking strips of fabric or those that hug and wrap the curves in horizontal strips can be a huge ego booster for the woman who has an excellent frame for clothes.
Who should wear the bandage dress, anyone, well, anyone who has a svelte figure devoid of love handles and other types of bumps. Generally, it is a style suited to young women, but an older woman who is shapely can wear it too.
Another style that is similar and equally flattering is the goddess dress. Short or long, this dress is cut with lots of draping and so it flatters most women. The trick is to pick a style that forgives your so-called body flaws, yet plays up your strong points.
However you should never wear this style in a size too small. You will be sending the wrong message if you do. If you have broad hips, wear a dress with little or no embellishment beneath the waistline. Draw attention upwards with a stunning necklace or a dress with a studded neckline.
In choosing a dress, consider body shape, height and the type of shoes you are comfortable in. These are not the dresses to wear with ballerinas. High heeled pumps peep-toed shoes and strappy sandals are most suited to this style; especially of you are wearing a bandage mini skirt or dress. Undergarments should not show through. Thongs and thin strapped bras come in handy at this point
If dress has drama, like the goddess number by Herve Leger featured here, keep accessories simple
Dust legs with iridescent lotion or a bronzer to add shimmer to legs. If it is a long, flowing dress, then use accessories that accentuate your face and pile hair into a high bun or chignon. Let a few tendrils or braids fall around your ears or face to add interest.
NB: If you live in cold climes, do not forget your coat when you go dancing.

Dress: Herve Leger


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