The Perfume Bottle’s a Bag

The Perfume Bottle's a Bag

Whimsical designs are intriguing. One spends a lot of time admiring the concept, then wondering, “What made this designer create this item this way?”
This cross body, messenger bag by Atma was on display on Aldos online store and it caught my fancy. Then I did some research and found that there are so many perfume bottle bags, inspired by leading brands such as Chanel’s No 5.
These clutch purses are fun to carry around and instant ice breakers at any party. They also give every outfit an edge, drawing people to you. They’ll be curious – “is it a really bottle of perfume? Is it heavy”, they will wonder.
Our eau de parfum bag (featured here) is made from easy to clean synthetic materials, but others are made from clear plastic, fabric and mock leather as well as suede and velour.
A must have item for those who love to stand out without breaking a nail.


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