Mona Matthews Loves Your Feet

Feet that Stand out

I love these thong sandals and wedges made by Nigerian footwear designer, Mona Matthews.
Most African women wear larger shoe sizes. Not for them the size 5 and 6s that are often made by European and American shoe companies.
As a result, many of them find shopping for shoes scary and frustrating by turns.
Abimbola Azeh was one such woman until she worked out a solution – creating a shoe company to meet her needs and now the needs of many other men and women.
Mrs. Azeh, who has always loved shoes and leather, got tired of buying shoes in two different sizes to find the right fit and so in 2002, she set up Mona Matthews, Lagos.
Today Mona Matthews makes shoes and matching, handmade handbags for ladies, an array of smart shoes and opera slip-ons for men as well as casual footwear collections. The company’s bespoke and ready to wear collections are tooled mostly from Nigerian leather and high end fabrics such as silk and satin. Embellishments include Swarovski Crystals, bows and rich embroidery threads (for the men’s velvet slip-ons).


One thought on “Mona Matthews Loves Your Feet

  1. Great idea. We’ve got to support black businesses when we can. Why should the black community always build up the economies of everyone’s else but ourselves

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