Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Remember this hat? Pharrell Williams wore it to the Grammy’s recently, and caused a stir.
Well, the music star has put it up for auction in a bid to raise money for charity.
Already the hat has grossed $6,000 and bids are still coming in.
Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the fedora with its incredible tall crown, bears strong resemblance to similar hats worn by American park rangers and had become a signature item for Pharrell.
Williams’ song and video, Happy, has rocked the charts for weeks (since it featured in the movie, Despicable Me 2). It is slowly becoming an anthem for the young and everyone else who wants to feel cheerful.
Pharrell Williams’ profile has risen over the past few years, is known for great collaborations with artistes such as Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and Snoop Doggy dog. He is also known for his unique dress sense and fashion line.

So “clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof” or like Pharrell without his signature hat…


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