Treasures in Jars of Clay

Nothing in this world is totally bad. There is evil and there is good. Out of that evil some good can emerge.
This is what I found when I visited the Museum at the International Headquarters of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in a leafy suburb of Geneva in Switzerland.
A visit to that museum can be harrowing. The visitor is confronted with the reality of war and conflict as it affects the many peoples of this world. You will also see the International Red Cross and Red Crescent organization’s effort to promote world peace and help people who have been affected by these conflicts the world over. You will read copies of documents such as the Magna Carta and more.
However, one interesting thing I found was a gallery that displayed art and craft designed and made by prisoners from across many regions of the world. These individual prisoners were incarcerated in different regions and at different times but their work are amazing.
Here is a Swan made by a Columbian prisoner. It is made entirely from empty cans of coffee and soft drinks. There is also a tea set made from fish bones; a motorcycle made out of pipe cleaners and the foil from cigarette boxes and wrappers; a pipe with a crucifix; a beautiful miniature mosque and a white washed, gold turreted church and so much more.
Nothing and no one is completely evil.


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