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5 Reasons why Mothers are Special

5 Reasons why Mothers are Special

Mama Ezigbo, the grand old lady featured here is a treasure. She almost 90 years old, she is my friends’ mother, a mother to all of us, grandmother and great grandmother. Despite the aches and pain of an ageing body, Mama always has a warm embrace for anyone who comes her way. She inquires after my sister each time we meet. She is an example of all the reasons why we love our Mothers so. Here are some reasons to love your Mother or a Mother you have adopted.

 * Mothers nourish us with their love and presence, food, hugs and smiles
 * Mothers watch out for us offering prayers consistently for their children’s wellbeing,
offering words of wisdom and encouragement. Mothers protect us within the family and in the community
 * Mothers are beautiful
 * A mother loves even when her children fail to meet her expectations
 * A mother is a fountain of forgiveness
Wishing all mothers a Happy Mothers Day!

The Power of A Mother

Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday. Women across the United Kingdom, and in some African countries will be celebrated and honoured.
As a tribute to Mothers, I would like to run a tribute Teresa Pearce, British Member of Parliament, representing Erith and Thamesmead, South East London, made at a recent Women’s Conference in Abbeywood, South East, London.
Women, Ms Pearce said, had a large role to play in societal development. The power of women, she explained, is immense, especially when they work together. She praised women for their positive qualities, adding that multi tasking and working together is one of the strengths of women. She also pointed out the enormous benefit of the support that women can give one another.
The Conference organised by CET-C, led by Pastor Bim Afolayan for hosting a positive event in her constituency. But more than that, Ms Pearce was impressed by the central theme of the meeting which is building families and sustaining marriages.
She said the theme was significant at this time when there is so much lack of respect in the society. Respect, she said, starts at home. She pointed out the sad reality of society where teenagers are disrespectful and irreverent, everywhere on the buses, in public places and said it was a shame on these young people and also on the society.
Agreeing that raising young people and a family is a tough job, she said, sometimes you can lose it but it is just part of learning. “But the thing you never do is walk away.”
Citing her parents who were married for 61 years, as an example, she said, raising a family, sticking things out in a marriage was tough, and hard work but that it was the basis on every achievement a person can have. “It is hard work but everything you achieve is anchored in learning in tough times.”

Spring’s Coming???

Spring's Coming???

<p Londoners had fun these past few days. Starting from last week, they have been basking in the warmth that began on last Thursday, leading some of them to ask each other humorously, “where is the rain?”
If we go by the meteorologists, we should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, as the rains are around the corner, and they may start falling again. Soon.

The recent London Fashion Week added cheer with its bright accessories and clothing.
But beyond the excitement of brightly coloured clothing and accessories, nothing heralds Spring’s freshness like a bunch of Daffodils peeking out shyly at the sultry winter sunshine.
Photo: Obaro Ege

Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Remember this hat? Pharrell Williams wore it to the Grammy’s recently, and caused a stir.
Well, the music star has put it up for auction in a bid to raise money for charity.
Already the hat has grossed $6,000 and bids are still coming in.
Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the fedora with its incredible tall crown, bears strong resemblance to similar hats worn by American park rangers and had become a signature item for Pharrell.
Williams’ song and video, Happy, has rocked the charts for weeks (since it featured in the movie, Despicable Me 2). It is slowly becoming an anthem for the young and everyone else who wants to feel cheerful.
Pharrell Williams’ profile has risen over the past few years, is known for great collaborations with artistes such as Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and Snoop Doggy dog. He is also known for his unique dress sense and fashion line.

So “clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof” or like Pharrell without his signature hat…