Smoke fueled Bike

Smoke fueled Bike

The mini motor bike made by a Prisoner entirely out of cigarette wrappings and packaging.


The Fish Bone Tea Set

The Fish Bone Tea Set

Created by a Prisoner an exhibited at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Headquarters in Geneva, it is the work of a prisoner.
The delicate cups, tea pot and jugs are a delight to behold.

Treasures in Jars of Clay

Nothing in this world is totally bad. There is evil and there is good. Out of that evil some good can emerge.
This is what I found when I visited the Museum at the International Headquarters of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in a leafy suburb of Geneva in Switzerland.
A visit to that museum can be harrowing. The visitor is confronted with the reality of war and conflict as it affects the many peoples of this world. You will also see the International Red Cross and Red Crescent organization’s effort to promote world peace and help people who have been affected by these conflicts the world over. You will read copies of documents such as the Magna Carta and more.
However, one interesting thing I found was a gallery that displayed art and craft designed and made by prisoners from across many regions of the world. These individual prisoners were incarcerated in different regions and at different times but their work are amazing.
Here is a Swan made by a Columbian prisoner. It is made entirely from empty cans of coffee and soft drinks. There is also a tea set made from fish bones; a motorcycle made out of pipe cleaners and the foil from cigarette boxes and wrappers; a pipe with a crucifix; a beautiful miniature mosque and a white washed, gold turreted church and so much more.
Nothing and no one is completely evil.

Cheer Winter Darks Up

Enliven Winter Darks

Bored with wearing dark, bulky winter clothing? We can’t blame you but why not do something unusual? Step out of your style comfort zone. Experiment with textures, concepts and colours.
Last Sunday, this lovely lady stepped into church and I had to marvel at her creativity. Wanting a change from the de rigueur turtle necks, jumpers and sweaters, she layered a wax print buba over her jersey turtle neck sweater and long, full skirt. To tweak the buba, she cinched it with a wide, stretchy belt, rolled the buba’s sleeves so that they fell over the sweater’s streamlined sleeves. To complete the outfit, she wrapped a length of the Ankara fabric (the iro actually) around her head, and completed the outfit with sturdy boots and, hey presto, a smashing outfit was born.

Photo: Peju Oriunuta

Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Mr Happy Auctions His Hat

Remember this hat? Pharrell Williams wore it to the Grammy’s recently, and caused a stir.
Well, the music star has put it up for auction in a bid to raise money for charity.
Already the hat has grossed $6,000 and bids are still coming in.
Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the fedora with its incredible tall crown, bears strong resemblance to similar hats worn by American park rangers and had become a signature item for Pharrell.
Williams’ song and video, Happy, has rocked the charts for weeks (since it featured in the movie, Despicable Me 2). It is slowly becoming an anthem for the young and everyone else who wants to feel cheerful.
Pharrell Williams’ profile has risen over the past few years, is known for great collaborations with artistes such as Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and Snoop Doggy dog. He is also known for his unique dress sense and fashion line.

So “clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof” or like Pharrell without his signature hat…

All Things Caged and Charming

All Things Caged and Charming

Caging is the thing of the moment. Want to be trendy? Want to be on-point? Get yourself a pair of caged shoes. They could be platforms like these featured here, or stiletto heeled wedding shoes, or even wedge heeled booties. Just make sure they are cage shaped.
Beaded jewellery also has its caged designs and these can be exquisite.
Caged shoes speak volumes about the persona of the woman wearing them. The shoes say she is bold, fearless and a youthful go getter.
Will we see caged dresses? Those are passé. Grace Jones had her version of caged dress and hat back in the day.
But if we find some worth celebrating, we will post them here. Get caged, be charming.

Shoes; Just Fab

Couture meets Grocery store brands

Couture meets Grocery store brands

Whimsical yet serious tones were set when Anya Hindmarch paid tribute to popular British household products with her Autumn/Winter 2014 handbag collection at the London Fashion week.
The bags were designed for the autumn winter collection, but I can see them being hot favourites by summer, what with the accents that remind everyone of the products they probably take for granted because they use them daily.
The funnies were the leather bags festooned with beloved Kellogg’s cereal characters such as the Frosties’ Tiger, The multi coloured rooster from the Cornflakes and The Coco Pops’ Monkey.
Other household items celebrated by Anya include Matches and Ariel Laundry soap.