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The Art Keeper’s Lamp

The Art Keeper's Lamp

The Art Keeper’s Lamps
Everyone loves creating a home that reflects individual taste. People collect a variety of objects that are significant or hold precious memories.
We discovered a unique collection of table lamps that create exceptional ambience, but also showcase African art is a special way.
Known as, “The Art Keeper’s Lamp”, these distinctive pieces are designed by James Olloh, an award winning artist, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr Olloh, (23rd recipient of the prestigious Solidra Circle Award (2003), began his research into ethnic light fittings 8 years ago.
Reviewing the results of his research, he says the handmade originals are created to promote African art, and its potentials. “My focus is on African Masks, while I am not leaving out using well designed and structured ceramics as well!”
“If you come across any lamp that is set on an African Mask in any part of the world, look out for the label, it is most likely it is my lamp,” he adds.
Going beyond interior decoration, he reveals that these lamps and art in general can be a good source of revenue for Nigeria. “A country or a community where tourism thrives is always buoyant in terms of foreign exchange earnings, because peoples of diverse cultures come together and always will want to pick one or two things from here and there …. And this of course is done with money, local or foreign,” Olloh argues.
“The wealth of a nation is surmised in its capacity of indigenous industry and productivity, far beyond the production of petroleum crude, which unfortunately is the main stream of our nation’s income,” he concludes
There are more than 25 different mask based lamps, created by Mr Olloh’s company, Jinoish International Limited. The company continues to research the various Mask designs with a long term goal of building a collection of lamps, which are unique.
Presentation is everything, and Olloh and his colleagues offer the lamps in branded boxes, complete with warrantees and owners’ manuals. The Art Keeper’s lamps are available for export and also as corporate gift items. To this end they can be branded with the logos of corporate organisations or individual names and insignia.
The lamps have been displayed at several exhibitions including the 2ND Craft Fair organized by Terra Kulture, Lagos(October 2009), and the ALTERNATIVE POWER EXHIBITION 2009’, Ikeja Lagos.
Enquiries concerning these lamps can be made by email to jadorasnotes@gmail.com or by calling +234 -70-35375443, +234 – 80 – 23155451