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5 Reasons why Mothers are Special

5 Reasons why Mothers are Special

Mama Ezigbo, the grand old lady featured here is a treasure. She almost 90 years old, she is my friends’ mother, a mother to all of us, grandmother and great grandmother. Despite the aches and pain of an ageing body, Mama always has a warm embrace for anyone who comes her way. She inquires after my sister each time we meet. She is an example of all the reasons why we love our Mothers so. Here are some reasons to love your Mother or a Mother you have adopted.

 * Mothers nourish us with their love and presence, food, hugs and smiles
 * Mothers watch out for us offering prayers consistently for their children’s wellbeing,
offering words of wisdom and encouragement. Mothers protect us within the family and in the community
 * Mothers are beautiful
 * A mother loves even when her children fail to meet her expectations
 * A mother is a fountain of forgiveness
Wishing all mothers a Happy Mothers Day!