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The Power of A Mother

Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday. Women across the United Kingdom, and in some African countries will be celebrated and honoured.
As a tribute to Mothers, I would like to run a tribute Teresa Pearce, British Member of Parliament, representing Erith and Thamesmead, South East London, made at a recent Women’s Conference in Abbeywood, South East, London.
Women, Ms Pearce said, had a large role to play in societal development. The power of women, she explained, is immense, especially when they work together. She praised women for their positive qualities, adding that multi tasking and working together is one of the strengths of women. She also pointed out the enormous benefit of the support that women can give one another.
The Conference organised by CET-C, led by Pastor Bim Afolayan for hosting a positive event in her constituency. But more than that, Ms Pearce was impressed by the central theme of the meeting which is building families and sustaining marriages.
She said the theme was significant at this time when there is so much lack of respect in the society. Respect, she said, starts at home. She pointed out the sad reality of society where teenagers are disrespectful and irreverent, everywhere on the buses, in public places and said it was a shame on these young people and also on the society.
Agreeing that raising young people and a family is a tough job, she said, sometimes you can lose it but it is just part of learning. “But the thing you never do is walk away.”
Citing her parents who were married for 61 years, as an example, she said, raising a family, sticking things out in a marriage was tough, and hard work but that it was the basis on every achievement a person can have. “It is hard work but everything you achieve is anchored in learning in tough times.”